Monday, August 24, 2009 the Wild Outdoors..

So we decided to go Lake Panasoffkee this weekend for a bit of hiking. When we finally found it we realized we were the only one at this park. It was beautiful though! I wish we would have remembered the camera though....bug spray..check! We still had a lot of fun. A few miles into our trails we came along some tracks, the first set we believed to be a gator section, because it was right near the water and with the prints and bedding it all pointed to gator. The other set of tracks were from wild boars. We took a break a bit further down the path and after we were done set along our way. That's when we realized that we weren't alone. There was a boar in the bushes next to us! We could hear it moving and the minute Tim saw it we flipped around and went back out the way we came. It ended up to be the long way out but at least we didn't have to wrestle one of these things:

All in all, it was a great time though. We went home, ordered a pizza, and a few beers..i swear we were so sore we fell asleep at seven something.