Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cancer Free Days..

So Tim and I have been battling with the fact that his cancer may have returned. He had lumps surfacing throughout his lymph nodes and from what we were told that was normally a sign of lymphoma. He went this week and got a full body PET scan done and the results came back today. They say there is no sign of cancer in the lumps. That's great news, right?! However, now we are left baffled by what the lumps could possibly be. So one stress leads to another. The lumps he has have been slow growing and so we are just stumped. However, lack of funds on our part is causing us to stop the search for the cause right now. Just knowing that there is no cancer in there for the time being will have to be enough. I guess, right? So on a positive note, they are saying he does not have cancer! We are very happy about this! Hence another chapter in our life is on! Yes!

In other news, I'm not sure if I had posted it here or not, but we received two adult rabbits on Easter. Since then the mother had one litter but killed all but one of those. We saved the one and named her Miracle. She is now 4 weeks old. However, that same day she had that first litter she was still with the male. From what I understand they mated that same day (they were separate later that day) and she was again pregnant without our knowledge. We went back there about a week ago now and there were babies all over the place. She had another litter of five. So now we have five babies. We do have the cages separated however, she ate through the screen and got over to the male's side. They mated. I'm assuming she's pregnant, YET AGAIN. lol o man. Now I know what they mean by "humping like rabbits" these things don't quit. You have GOT to be kidding me! lol Anyone want any baby rabbits? :)

Also, Tim is VERY excited about our yard. He had grown these BEAUTIFUL sunflowers..I'm posting a picture up here as we speak. He's so cute! It gives him a way to just vent and all that. I love him so!

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