Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Day..

So, let the blogging begin.

It has been a busy year already and it's only February! How crazy is that? For the Superbowl Tim & I went to his parent's house to celebrate it for a while. His grandfather LOVED the jersey Tim got him. Here's a pic of Tim and his grandfather that Sunday. His grandfather is such a sweet and smart man!

Then we headed over to my parents' house (MaryAnn and Dave Kintner), that was a lot of fun too, we ate, drank and yelled at the tv. Rebecca and Jeremiah were there so it was good times. Dad was so funny! I posted a video of dad yelling during the game on youtube, here's the link if you want to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3wKAIB9Kn8

In other news, Jimmy and posssibly Sam shall be staying with Tim & I for a few days next week to visit. Jimmy is going to be working on tattoos while he's here. He did this one below on my stomach while he was here, I think it turned out well. He did a few others as well while he was here. It's my second tattoo so far, I have stars on my back.

Tim is going to be getting a dragon on his chest and stomach. We'll see how that one turns out. Tim is all excited about it though! He's so darn cute! I was thinking of creating something with all of Jimmy's work on it for him. Figured maybe it would be a good birthday gift? I will have to update everything on all the other siblings on another blog. That will probably take a few blogs if I put a lot of detail into it. David and Bill all just had birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Rebecca's 21st Birthday is coming up! I'm so excited for her! We are having a birthday weekend for her the weekend of March 6th through the 8th. I know she can't wait, we're going to Universal Studios and City Walk. I'll have to put up more information as it comes.

Also this week Tim painted our bathroom, it makes it look so much bigger! He did a great job! Wow, we lead boring lives don't we? Like last night, I got off work from the City early, so I was home around 8pm. Tim made me a wonderful salad with some fruit in it then some fruit on the side for dessert. We watched some shows and went to bed early. We are getting old I tell ya!!

So far this year we've already had one friend crash his van into a tree, another friend of mine is having problems with her new baby...I'm thinking of you Amber! So many people getting laid off already, even just from the people I know. It's been crazy. I really hope things pick up soon. It's getting sad out there. Tim and I are blessed to still have both our jobs! :)


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  1. Very nice job sweetie! I love all of the pictures! I want some of them.